A method on how to use Data Science in industrial production environments derived from my bachelor’s thesis

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This article is derived from my bachelor’s thesis in Industrial Engineering titled “production data analysis with Data Science techniques”. My thesis comes from the real industrial world, so I could use real industrial data, creating a case study useful for my thesis.


I’ve studied a particular object which is manufactured…

I’ve collected petrol price variations in the last months and plotted in R

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As we all know, data is everywhere. But sometimes we have to catch data on our own and collect them.

In the last months, I’ve decided to collect the data related to the petrol price variations in…

My personal experience during my studies in Data Science and some advice

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The story

How many times have you heard this year that “from pandemics can come opportunities”? Well, I think I heard it a lot of times. And this is right! Since the pandemic took place, I decided to re-start the…

Federico Trotta

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